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DataDots revolutionary, patented technology has been so effective in combating theft and counterfeiting it has catapulted to the forefront as the Global Leader in Asset Protection and Microdot Identification Technology - recognized by many as the least expensive, most effective theft recovery and theft prevention system ever invented. DataDots versatility and ease of application make it an effective, reliable solution in many industries.

IAS and DataDot Partners
IAS, a provider of F&I aftermarket programs, has partnered with DataDot Dealer Services and will add its microdot theft deterrent system to the IAS anti-theft product portfolio, effective immediately. Our partnership with DataDot gives our agents and dealers multiple theft deterrent choices for F&I depending on their region and preference, which largely varies by dealer, location and type of car being sold, said Bob Corbin, president and CEO at IAS. The DataDot technology is a low cost, highly effective way to provide our agents and dealers with a quality product that we hope will ultimately end up increasing sales and benefiting consumers.
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