DataDot Technology

The Impact of a Microdot

Secret codes and encryptions have been around for centuries, but it was a U.S. engineer who took the microdot concept one step further. In the 1990s, he developed DataDots to halt the countless fake chips being gambled through casinos. Corporations immediately recognized the inherent value of the technology and soon, DataDots were being used in the automotive industry, significantly reducing automobile and auto parts theft.

Vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, engines, electronics, appliances, art, cell phones and clothing all have identification numbers. However, because these numbers can be readily altered or removed, they offer minimal protection and make it difficult to prove ownership of an item. In contrast, DataDot Technology covers a surface with thousands of encoded microdots on polyester substrate. Once adhered, these codes are virtually impossible to remove, yet easy to trace through an international database.

Each DataDot kit incorporates a unique ID that must be read with a 50X magnifier. One dot alone is difficult to erase, but a layer of thousands of encoded DataDots makes removal an insurmountable task. This revolutionary technology has proven so effective in combating theft and counterfeiting, that DataDots has surged as the global leader in asset protection and microdot identification.

DataDotDNA® Metallic TM Pressure Pak
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