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Can DataDots Make a Difference in Your Business?

DataDots protect personal and commercial property across a wide spectrum of products. To determine whether DataDots can provide a solution for your company, take the Datadots Test.

  1. Is your business vulnerable to property theft and/or already suffers loss?
  2. Are you a manufacturer interested in installing DataDots directly on the production line (e.g., automotive production)?
  3. Do you operate automotive dealership selling cars, trucks or SUVs, especially the models that routinely appear on the Top 10 Most Commonly Stolen in their class?
  4. If an automotive, motorcycle or boat dealer, would you like to provide identification and theft protection that covers the primary asset (chassis, frame, hull, etc.), plus expensive stock components and after-market parts?
  5. If you are in the rental business, has an asset ever been returned and original parts replaced with old ones?
  6. Have you ever paid claims on defective products submitted under warranty, only to later discover the product was a counterfeit?
  7. Are you a manufacturer of high-performance or industry-sensitive parts whose products are being counterfeited using sub-standard material and workmanship, putting you at risk for misplaced liability claims?
  8. As a heavy equipment owner, are expensive parts harvested or entire pieces stolen from remote job sites?
  9. Are you a utility whose equipment poses a potential risk of human life and liability if an inexperienced criminal attempts to penetrate a danger zone for the purpose of theft?
  10. Are you an artist, fashion designer or sports licensee losing revenue to thieves who reproduce and sell your trademarked products?
  11. Would thieves choose an easier target if your property was marked for police identification?
  12. Have arrests been made when property was stolen from you, but charges later dropped due to lack of evidence?

If you answered "YES" to even one of these questions and would like to mark your assets with positive, verifiable identification, DataDot Dealer Services can help. Our system works, we offer highly confidential and superb service, and we focus on one goal: to prevent theft.

DataDotDNA® Metallic TM Pressure Pak
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