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Saving Money by Stopping Crime

Unlike some crimes, industrial theft punishes everyone because it impacts the cost of goods, insurance rates, utilities and more. When a significant piece of equipment or asset disappears from a job site, it can interrupt business, halt jobs, disrupt schedules and prompt penalties - increased costs that ultimately pass on to consumers. In fact, the problems resulting from industrial theft can far exceed the actual replacement cost of items stolen. For example, theft of an irrigation system can result in hundreds of thousands in damage and lost crops. Thieves only gain a small fraction of that amount for their trouble.

In some cases, industrial theft threatens more than property. When restricted environments with electricity and hydraulics are penetrated, the breach can generate power surges or outages. Even if the perpetrator escapes unscathed, tampered equipment could pose deadly consequences for the next authorized (and innocent) worker on the scene.

While video surveillance, security guards, guard dogs and signage help deter crime, many sites are remote and not everyone can afford the full measure of protection. In addition, video cameras rarely capture clear images, leaving both the victim and the police without the proof needed for conviction.

The Solution

Whether you operate power substations, cell towers, petroleum sites, HVAC equipment, vacant buildings, construction sites, heavy equipment or solar stations, DataDots have been proven to reduce industrial losses worldwide. Currently, DataDot Technology protects a number of U.S. utilities with affirmative asset identification, on-site signage, professional installation, recovery system, and an effective tool for prosecuting thieves. Applied with a traceable UV adhesive and registered on our international database, DataDots can help law enforcement identify and return equipment recovered anywhere in the world.

For more detail on how DataDots can protect your business and prevent industrial theft, click here or call 1-800-710-8155.

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