DataDot Technology - 7 Facets of DataDot Technology


DataDots’ advanced system of protection offers several benefits unmatched by other security measures.


DataDots marks your possessions with a ½ mm- to 3 mm-sized unique ID, essentially encrypting an asset with its own DNA.


Each identification (or PIN) code, which must be read with a 50x magnifier, is registered on the DataDot International Database with the owner's contact information.


When DataDot-marked property is stolen and recovered, law enforcement can access our secure database to return property, regardless of how far away it is located.


DataDots deter theft by branding ownership onto an asset. When thieves see the warning label, "Protected by DataDots", they know the risk and the setbacks of stealing an item with an indelible marking.


DataDots authenticate products to differentiate your patented or trademarked goods from counterfeit reproductions.


From money to merchandise (even lobsters), DataDots have been successfully used in law enforcement sting operations to catch criminals with indisputable evidence.


The presence of DataDots on stolen merchandise significant aids prosecution and conviction since the system immediately identifies an item's rightful owner.


DataDot Technology can be customized to fit the characteristics of a particular asset or market. This includes the size of an asset, its primary environment, the number of dots required to properly mark it, the asset's surface and the best method of adhesion. Our adhesives bond to the asset, forming a barrier against environmental elements. For example:

  • DataDot adhesives used in automobiles and tools are impervious to oil, battery acid, cleaners, salt and heat, etc.
  • Marine applications employ adhesives that withstand saltwater.
  • Adhesives used on ATVs and snowmobiles resist the blasting effects of snow, sand, gravel, etc.
  • The adhesive used to protect power stations, heavy equipment and other industrial settings tolerates extremes in weather and temperature.

Together, these facets establish a complete system of asset identification and protection for a reliable solution to theft recovery and prevention unlike any other industry product.

DataDotDNA® Metallic TM Pressure Pak
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