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Closing the Door on Theft

Having your car stolen is costly and inconvenient, but recovery and positive identification can be just as frustrating. Protect your asset with DataDot Technology developed specifically for vehicles. Technologically advanced, cost-effective and easy-to-apply, Auto DataDots represent the number one option for car theft prevention.

  • Easy application by hand or during manufacturing
  • Long-lasting protection, even against corrosive acids
  • Immediate tracing through the secure DataDot International Database
  • Encoded proof of ownership, only visible with an ultraviolet light source
  • Potential insurance discounts and incentives
  • Support from Crime Stoppers USA and law enforcement

DataDots revolutionary, patented technology has been so effective in combating theft and counterfeiting it has catapulted to the forefront as the Global Leader in Asset Protection and Microdot Identification Technology - recognized by many as the least expensive, most effective theft recovery and theft prevention system ever invented. DataDots versatility and ease of application make it an effective, reliable solution in many industries.

DataDotDNA® Metallic TM Pressure Pak
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