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A Winning Combination

DataTraceDNA, an award-winning security technology, was engineered through a successful joint venture of DataDot Technology and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). An Australian government statutory authority, the CSIRO ranks as one of the world’s leading research institutes. Working together, DataDots and the CSIRO developed a technology that other security systems can’t match.

Defense Against Counterfeiters. The counterfeiting industry is a well-recognized economic parasite, slashing company profits, subverting government tax revenue, and damaging brand reputations. DataTraceDNA authenticates property with secure, undetectable and indestructible layers of protection.

Invisible Security. DataTraceDNA forensic tracers act as an invisible barcode which bonds to the molecular structure of the host material. This “barcode” can only be viewed using a DataTraceDNA digital, handheld reader or UV light source. This allows instant and irrefutable verification onsite.

Versatile Protection. Easy application makes DataTraceDNA the ideal protection system for almost any asset including government documents, pharmaceutical packaging, vehicles, textiles, furnishings, art and jewelry.

Indelible Fingerprints. DataTraceDNA mark your property much like fingerprints that are unique, long-lasting and undeniable. Tracers are inert, safe and designed to withstand explosions, fire and heat up to 1,000 degrees centigrade.

An Easy Fit. Our expert team can custom-design a cost-effective solution that adapts to any manufacturing process so it adds value without disrupting production.

DataDotDNA® Metallic TM Pressure Pak
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