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Security Begins at Home

Home burglary can be expensive, frightening, and because the crime takes place right where you live, highly personal. Thus, the full cost of an invasive theft can rarely be measured in dollars. That’s why it's essential to take appropriate measures to protect your belongings with technology that thwarts crime and allows your possessions to be traced anywhere in the world.

The Solution

DataDot Technology has been praised by Crime Stoppers USA and the police for its effectiveness in preventing crime. Only DataDots encodes your items with a unique identification number that's hidden, yet can be traced anywhere. Because DataDots are just a millimeter in diameter, they can be applied to virtually anything – electronic equipment, cameras, appliances, furniture, art, heirlooms and even jewelry – and offer a number of benefits.

  • Fast, easy application
  • Cost-effective protection
  • International database to identify recovered items
  • Proof of ownership that’s virtually impossible to remove
  • Insurance savings including insurance discounts and incentives
  • Peace of mind knowing you have the most advanced technology available

Your DataDot Home Protection Kit includes a unique, registered PIN, easy-to-use brush applicator and enough DataDots to protect 15 to 30 items. We also provide warning stickers that alert thieves that your property is "Protected by DataDots."

To learn more about award-winning home security that's gaining global recognition and acclaim, click here or call DataDot Dealer Services at 1-800-710-8155.

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