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From Art to Automobiles

Versatility. It's one of the hallmarks of DataDots as they can protect virtually any product for any industry. From safeguarding office equipment and vehicles to authenticating valuable originals and patented parts, DataDot Technology can be tailored to your specific needs.

When you purchase a DataDot kit, your kit will include a unique identification number and be designed for your particular asset. All kits in the DataDot product line share the same technology, but different kits are used to mark different assets due to variances in surfaces, environments, item size, etc. In other words, DataDot Automotive Kits differ from DataDot kits for tools or home use, but all employ our patented technology.

Each kit comes with everything you need to apply dots, as well as "Protected by DataDots" labels to be placed at entry points to deter thieves. Dots can be applied sparingly or heavily, and can even be placed in heard to reach places. Even a single DataDot found on a stolen item is enough for police to arrest a thief for possession of stolen property. Also, unlike many protection systems such as engraving which grind a PIN onto a product, DataDots do not harm or diminish the appearance of an asset.

DataDotDNA® Metallic TM Pressure Pak
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