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Theft not only represents a devastating intrusion to a business owner, but a constant threat to a company's livelihood. Rising insurance premiums, interrupted productivity, profit losses and depleted finances can have long-term effects on a corporation, its owners and employees. Alarm systems and cameras can help fight theft, but alarms can be unreliable and cameras don't always capture clear images. And if both are bypassed, stolen items are rarely located and the vulnerability they leave behind can be paralyzing.

The Solution

DataDots combat fixture and technology theft at your business by marking property with an exclusive PIN that can only be identified using ultraviolet light or a high-powered magnifier. Because your PIN is registered on the DataDot International Database, law enforcement can locate you once property has been recovered. Even if your business incorporates security systems and cameras, DataDots help assure that stolen property can be accurately identified and returned as quickly as possible.

To learn more about how DataDot Technology can safeguard your place of business or even home office, click here or call 1-800-710-8155.

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