Industry Applications - Authentication

Counteracting Counterfeits

Illegal profit from counterfeiting translates into millions of losses each year for industries, governments and communities. Businesses lose sales revenue, governments lose tax revenue, communities lose jobs, and consumers who unknowingly purchase counterfeit merchandise end up with inferior products at a high price.

Industrial and commercial counterfeiting is a growing crime and serious threat to world trade and global development. Counterfeiting not only costs money, but can cost lives. Quality components made by respected manufacturers are often disassembled and copied using substandard materials and workmanship. From pharmaceuticals to aircrafts, the health and safety dangers posed by imposters can lead to devastating consequences.

The Solution

DataDots' adhesive includes an ultraviolet tracing agent, making it easy to spot a counterfeit and has already been proven to work. To stop the thousands of fake chips being gambled through casinos, the nation's largest manufacturer of chips turned to DataDots for a solution. As a result, we developed a product to authenticate the chips and prevent losses. Soon, other industries recognized the benefit of our technology, and today, DataDots provides cutting edge technology to an array of industries eager to end theft and counterfeiting.

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