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Driven to Prevent Vehicle Theft

Each year, nearly 800,000 vehicles are stolen in the United States alone, amounting to $5.2 billion in losses. Of these thefts, only 13% of these thefts are cleared with an arrest.* From luxury sports cars to boats, ATVs, RVs and even snowmobiles, stolen vehicles add up to a lucrative commodity that can be difficult to trace. Because they are easier to lift, roll, steal and conceal, motorcycles have become an increasingly high target for theft. Parts compound the problem as they rarely have identification associating them with an owner.

*Source: Insurance Information Institute.

The Solution

Encoded on polyester substrate, chemically processed to limit aging and fading, Automotive DataDots can be installed on a production line or in a dealership. Either way, they provide undeniable proof of ownership. The adhesive used to apply the Dots contains an ultraviolet tracing agent that fluoresces under an ultraviolet or black light, allowing dots to be easily read with a magnifier, but difficult to detect with the naked eye. A typical vehicle offers more than 30 points, including the chassis, engine, drive train, exhaust, suspension system and after-market parts, where DataDots can be installed.

All DataDot Automotive Kits are registered on the DataDot International Database with the contact information of the purchaser and the unique PIN of the dots in the kit purchased. In addition, PINs are registered with the ISO (Insurance Services Office) - the most widely recognized database for patrol officers in North America. If your vehicle or part marked by DataDots is stolen, law enforcement can access these databases to affirm you are the owner and return recovered property.

For more information on DataDot Automotive Kits, click here or call 1-800-710-8155.

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